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Their musical combination of northern melancholy and thoughtful lyrics has been praised all over the world. Supersci are now back with the new album - Timelines.

Supersci, formerly known as Superscientifiku, was early regarded as one of Sweden's most secretive hip hop collective. Isolated from the noise and trends of the big cities they earned the respect of the fans with their jazzy and vinyl-crackling sound.

Then four years ago they took the step from an underground act to a group of international concern. The full-length debut Pinetrees On The Pavement was commended by the critics and the singles Get! and On the Grind got heavy rotation on the radio. Soon Japanese and German lincense deals were signed and Supersci were frequently booked for concerts around Sweden and northern Europe.

A mixtape, an EP and a year of studio work later, in September 2010 the much anticipated sequel arrived.

Timelines is a conceptual album focusing on the subject of time.

Rather than the bragging and cocky attitude that is often associated with hip hop, the texts are filled with thoughts about the past, present and the future. But above all – with the struggle to live in the now and to make the most of the scarce time we are given.

Rappers Arka, Mr Noun and female singer/rapper Remedeeh confront the restlessness and greed that characterize the times we live in. A time where humanity seems to be in a tremendous rush towards it's own demise.

The music is all courtesy of the producer duo Flyphonic (Erik L and Arka). Their organic soundscape blends jazz, soul and Nordic folk tones and has always been the foundation of Supersci's uniquely norhtern style.

On Timelines, the recipe has been updated with retro-futuristic synthesizers and electronic basslines, without losing touch with it's roots. Supersci are still not keen on following trends.

Timelines was released Septemper 20th on independent label Flyphonic Phonogram, to rave reviews.
Digitally it is available via iTunes, Spotify among others, and on CD.


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Supersci early made a name for themselves as the jazziest constellation in Swedish hip hop. Their soulful music grew with one foot in the american east coast hip-hop of the 90's and the other one firmly planted in swedish jazz and folktone tradition. The texts were smart and cunning, often with a laid back and somewhat melancholic style.

Producer/emcee Arka and emcee Mr Noun joined forces in 1996 and formed the group's nucleus. After a few years, multi-musician Erik L joined in, adding a more melodic live feel.DJ Observe spins the wax. Female singer and rapper Remedeeh joined in around 2006 and is since a permanent member of the group.

Arka and Erik L form the production team Flyphonic, that has produced artists such as Phonetik, Organism 12, Peshi, Ison & Fille, Fattaru and Sankofa.

Over the christmas holidays of 1997/98, a few songs were recorded in Arka's bedroom. They eventually ended up on the demo CD Soundvalley EP, which, despite its uneven soundscape, recieved attention throughout the swedish hip hop underground scene for its laid back jazzy style. This was probably the first time anyone outside the group's home town, Sundsvall, ever heard of them.

One thing led to another, and by thorough live representation in festivals, clubs and jams all over Sweden, radio and magazine interviews and releases of sought-after vinyl releases such as the Syntax + Semantics EP from 1999, Supersci marked their territory on the Swedish hip hop map with their original style.

Supersci went on and released more vinyl EP's like Aahyeahwhatchasay (2001), How we gonna fail now? EP (2002) and All Year 12" (2005). On the latter two, the production grew more mature.

The much anticipated official debut album Pinetrees on the Pavement was released in Scandinavia and Japan spring/summer 2006, and all over Europe and UK in late 2006 and early 2007.

The first album single On the Grind featuring Chords went straight into the number one spot on the compiled Swedish college radio list. Aswell as the second single Get! featuring Remedeeh, it was rotated heavily on national swedish radio and caught international attention in magazines and radio shows. Supersci's first video was also recorded for Get!. In Japan, the record made a kick start selling over 2.500 copies just one week after release.

In April 2007 Cutting Down Trees was released, a 30-track mixtape style sequel to the debut album. Producer team Flyphonic's Mosaic album was released worldwide in december 2007. Supersci have since then participated on a number of mixtapes, albums and compilations.

Christmas 2009 Supersci released What it is EP as a free download. Later, a video for Forests and Factories was also released.

The much anticipated second Supersci album Timelines was released in September 2010. It recieved very positive reviews in the press and throughout the blogosphere.

High resolution press photos

Supersci liveband 2011 - photographer Olle Melkerhed Supersci in front of factory - photographer Måns Berthas
Supersci in front of factory - photographer Måns Berthas
Dark club - photographer Niklas Larsson
Small stage - photographer Felipe Morales
Arka in blue backlight - photographer Måns Berthas


Mr Noun in blue backlight - photographer Sverker Norberg

Mr Noun.

Remedeeh in blue backlight - photographer Fredrik Renander


Erik L in car

Erik L.

DJ Observe - photographer Fredrik Renander

DJ Observe.

Supersci in front of factory - photographer Måns Berthas
Supersci logo versions

Supersci logo versions (PDF vector art)

Supersci 'Timelines' artwork - artist Hans-Roger Östlin

'Timelines' artwork.